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Core dates and information on licensees tenure are taken from Martin Easdown and Eamonn Rooney`s two fine books on the pubs of Folkestone, Tales From The Tap Room and More Tales From The Tap Room - unfortunately now out of print. Dates for the tenure of licensees are taken from the very limited editions called Bastions Of The Bar and More Bastions Of The Bar, which were given free to very early purchasers of the books.

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Sunday, 18 October 2020

Commercial Inn Address Unknown ???? ????


Kentish Gazette 17-4-1855

Quarter Sessions, Wednesday, before J.J. Lonsdale Esq.

There was but one prisoner for trial, John Philpott, 21, for obtaining 10s. under false pretence from Mary Ann Freezer. It appeared the prosecutor, John Gillitin, unable to write, got the landlord of the Commercial Inn to write a note to Mrs. Freezer, desiring her to send him the 10s; and sent the note by the prisoner, who witheld the note, and obtained the money, Mrs. Freezer believing she knew the prisoner; but that turned out to be a mistake. 

Mr. John Minter, who appeared fur the prisoner, endeavoured to show that the note, deposed to was only a direction enabling the prisoner to find Mr. Freezer`s residence; and that having obtained the money, he went to his father’s house at Cheriton, thence to Hythe, where he got tipsy, and, but for the incapacity thus caused, he would have handed the money to the prosecutor.

This ingenious defence seemed to influence some of the jury, as they were a considerable time absent. Eventually they brought in a verdict of Guilty.

The Recorder said he entirely agreed with the jury. In consideration of the prisoner having been already in gaol two months, he should sentence him to four months’ imprisonment with hard labour. He perceived by the list the prisoner could neither read nor write, which he con­sidered a disgrace to him and his parents; there being a national school in the parish. As to the excuse set up that he was tipsy and incapable, it was another instance of the connection, almost universal, of drunkenness and crime.

Freemason`s Arms, Sandgate Road ???? ????



Edward Wyburm 1851

                                                                        Kentish Gazette 1-4-1851

Police Court, March 25th, Before Richard Hart, esq. Mayor; Wm. Major, Thomas Golder, and Samuel Mackie, esqs.

Edward Wyburn, landlord of the Freemasons’ Aims, Sandgate Road, was charged on the information of Super­intendent Steer, with having his house open for the sale of liquors, on Sunday the 16th instant.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Superintendent Steer deposed he visited the Freemasons’ Arms at 20 minutes past 11 in the forenoon, and found four men, and on the table a quart pot and three glasses containing beer.

The defendant said the men were all lodgers.

The Mayor said that he and his brother Magistrates were of opinion that the case was fully proved, and fined de­fendant in £1, and 9s. 6d. costs.

Rendezvous Street Brewery 1840s

Kentish Gazette 10-2-1846

Brewery to let: 

To be let, and entered upon immediately if required, all that Old Established and well-accustomed brewery, situate at Folkestone, in the County of Kent, called the Folkestone Brewery, with every convenience, in good condition attached, for carrying on a good and profitable business.

From the fact alone that Folkestone, in a commercial point of view, is rapidly increasing in importance, the pre­sent opportunity is very favourable for a safe investment of capital.

The Tenant’s fixtures and such articles and effects as a tenant may require, to be taken at a valuation.

Thomas Foord, of Folkestone, (adjoining the Brewery), will show the Premises, and further information may be obtained on application to Messrs. Gravener and Son, So­licitors, Dover, or to Messrs. Miller and Carr, Solicitors, 47, Eastcheap, London.

6th February, 1846.