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Friday, 13 November 2015

Victoria Hotel, Middelburg Square 1986 - 2000

David Bumpstead and Noel Kebble 1986 1987
David Bumpstead and John Underdown 1987 1989
David Bumpstead and Thomas Rogers 1989 1992
Robert Thompson 1992 1994
Brian O`Sullivan 1994 1995
Stephen Frisken 1995 2000 Also Harvey Hotel

Folkestone Herald 10-7-1987

Local News

The theft of a purse and its contents, stolen between June 13 and June 14 at the Victoria Hotel in Middelburg Square, Folkestone, has been reported to police. The black leather wallet purse belongs to hotel manageress Beryl Underdown, and is worth £44. Since the theft, £300 in withdrawals have been made on a credit card that was in the purse.

Folkestone Herald 31-7-1987

Local News

An application has been put forward for a restaurant licence by the management of the Victoria Hotel, in Middelburg Square.

Folkestone Herald 17-6-1988

Advertising Feature

Folkestone was once a playground for Victorian holidaymakers and they flocked from all over the country to enjoy the luxury of the town’s seaside hotels.

The owners of the Victoria Hotel in Middelburg Square have recreated the comfort and splendour of this era in their hotel. To start with, they gave it its present name and completely refurbished the bars. They’ve now built a magnificent two-tier restaurant, kitchen and new toilets. In keeping with the Victorian theme his extension has been named the Prince Albert restaurant and it opens tomorrow. The design and decoration have been carefully planned to blend with the rest of the hotel, which was first licensed in 1866. The two-floored restaurant can seat up to 60 people and a wide range of meals is provided.

Husband and wife team David and Barbara Bumstead are confident they’ve put together a catering staff second to none. After all, David should know. He used to be a professional football player with Millwall and Bristol Rovers and knows what makes up a good team. They offer a full a la carte menu with mouth watering dishes like Prawn Charlotte, Veal Victoria and Chicken Forestale. They can also cater for business lunches and there’s a set menu for other lunchtime eaters. There’s a full roast lunch available on Sundays. Dining there will be a pure delight and an experience not to be missed. The atmosphere is timeless and relaxing and the food and wine excellent. With the new Prince Albert restaurant, the Victoria Hotel is the perfect retreat and no detail has been overlooked.

Barbara and David would like to convey their thanks to all the workforce who have done such a magnificent job in building the new restaurant.

Folkestone Herald 30-3-1995

Local News

Hotel customers took a journey back into the past to help make the future brighter for needy children. Staff and regulars at the Victoria Hotel, Middelburg Square, Folkestone, dressed up in wartime clothing on Saturday. Organiser Michael Gillman, of Military Road, Hythe, arranged for a three-piece band to play 30s and 40s tunes while he sang along. It was all to raise funds for youngsters` charity Children In Need, and a raffle managed to give the organisation a £135 boost.

Stuart Hickey, one of the hotel`s co-owners, said “There are a lot of people who want a return to the entertainment of the 30s 40s and 50s, and at the moment there`s nothing of that era in Folkestone”. He said the event was a success and he hopes to repeat it, with interest set to reach a peak during the VE Day celebrations later this year.

Folkestone Herald 4-12-1997

Local News

A charity darts event hit the bullseye the other day with a grand total of more than a thousand pounds raised.

Sixty people gathered in the Victoria Hotel in Middelburg Square for the twenty-four-hour event, which featured six players. They set a target of half a million points, and as the darts flew through the night from 4 p.m. the pennies came pouring in. The money will go to boost funds at Park Farm Primary School and the Hyperactive Children Support group.

Captain of the darts team, Mick Cochran, said he was delighted with the money raised, especially as it was the first time he had organised a charity event like this. He added “By 4 p.m. yesterday when the competition ended we had raised about £1,020. We were tired, but pleased with what we had done!” Mr. Cochran said he wanted to help the school and the group because his son was a pupil at the school and had also been hyperactive when he was younger.

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